Sunday, August 09, 2009

Salzburg: Hotel Turnerwirt

[click to enlarge] We got to our hotel in Salzburg in mid-afternoon. In the backyard we discovered half a dozen go carts and other play vehicles and wheelbarrows, and bunnies. The kids got settled in there and when we asked them after an hour or so if they wanted to go into town or see Hellbrunn, they looked at us like we were absolutely bonkers. So we had a picnic there for dinner and the kids went to bed happy.Posted by Picasa
Here Will demonstrates the go-cart course.

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MOM said...

I was thinking how pastoral and relaxing it all looked, then I noticed the boy's pink cheeks and realized I'd probably be melting. It's great to visit Austria in August vicariously through your wonderful blog. Ultimate armchair travel, complete with cute grandkids!