Friday, August 07, 2009

Salz Welten

While in Hallstadt, Rob took the whole group to Salt World to visit the salt mine there. First they took the tram up to the top of the mountain.

It is incredible, but people have been mining salt here for seven thousand years. They have done tests and say that they'll be able to continue for another four hundred at the current rate.

Everyone had to get suited up in these lovely jumpsuits. They have reinforced suede seats just like a certain pair of Rob's mission pants.

Sebi checking out the salt crystal. There was a lot of daring each other to lick walls and things. Sometime around 1750 or so, they found a man buried in the salt. The guessed that he'd lived in around 1600 back then, and they buried him in the cemetery. But the description of his clothing they now know places him in the Celtic period, which would be 3000 years ago. They would love to study him, since he was preserved perfectly for so long, but they can't figure out where he is buried.

And arriving on the train out.

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These are videos of Will and McKay then Maddie and Megan coming down off the slides. This is how the miners would get down into the mine. Now they take pictures of you coming down and measure your speed.
This was the video that made me glad Joss couldn't go on the adventure. As I get older and fatter, I get more claustrophobic. The train out would have certainly done me in.

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Zina said...

We went on the Alpine Slide at Park City the other day and I thought that was brave. I don't like being deep underground. (Other than that, it looks better than Disneyland.)