Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh, What Do You Do In the Summertime?

This goes back to the last week in July, but the pictures just came in, courtesy of Danny and Shelly. It was probably the hottest day of our summer, and everyone went down to the Neue Donau to swim.
There were feats of skill, the likes of which we do not see in the United States.
Rob and Maddie are the two in the swim shirts here.
Kylen and Rob give Will a great send off.
Even Sebi got in on the action, leaping into the Schone Blaue Donau.
The students orchestrated this cannonball chorus for Curtis. That is Will caught in the crossfire, but my favorite parts are the grins on Katie and Tomas's faces in the background.
The schone gelbe sunset.
The girls' synchronized jump. About an hour after everyone came home, a storm broke out like nothing we have ever seen before. Looking out our window was like watching a dishwasher. The trees were flapping about, rain came down in sheets, then hail that ruined cars and our friends' garden house roof, and the lightning and thunder were incessant -- it looked like an erratic strobe light. In the morning we found out that eighteen trees were downed around the Ringstrasse. So you take the summer weather when you can get it!
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Zina said...

Just wanted to let you know that as of a couple hours ago I'm ALL CAUGHT UP on your blog posts. It took me long enough that I'm very impressed with your having written them all. I feel like I should now be an expert on Austria, but I'm not sure it will have all sunk in. More likely, if I get to go there sometime, I'll keep saying "I think I've heard of this."

Dean, by the way, does get to go there, in October, for eight days, for an engineering conference. I'm jealous but the cheapest tickets we could find were 1200 each, and we'd need one for both Hazel and me, and have to find someone to watch the kids, etc., so I decided it wasn't worth it this time. (I'm also dismayed though because I thought he'd be going for 4-5 days so the 8 days was an unhappy surprise--not to mention that he'll be gone for all of General Conference.)

I'm not sure if he'll think to call you guys and ask what he should do with his small amount of time for sightseeing, so maybe I'll just tell him to mine your blog for ideas.