Friday, August 07, 2009


Here is where we stayed Tuesday and Wednesday. I went for a walk without my camera at one point and just kept thinking what a crime it was not to take a picture. Of everything. Which is what everyone is doing in this town all the time.
The locals must absolutely loathe it. But really, when people espalier their pear, peach and plum trees to their darling houses in their impossibly cute town, what do they expect?
I think the other thing I love about Hallstadt is that it is absurd that it exists at all. There is rock, there is water, and there is salt here. They say that there are only two ways to die in Hallstadt: drowning or hit by a rock. The main street wasn't even built until 1890 or so, and they built it out onto the water.
Posted by PicasaAbsolutely stunning.

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bostonshumways said...

oh man, I want to BE there! The pictures are stunning. MA, you are the worlds most amazing blogger. I am astounded by your ability to first of all, do all you're doing, and second of all, keep it all documented so beautifully and with such charm and wit. Amazing. We miss you guys.