Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hallstadt: Boat Ride

Since it is shoehorned between a mountain and a lake, one of the best ways to actually see Hallstadt is from the water. We'd taken a boat ride the last time we were here and the kids held their new pinwheels into the wind, but this time we decided that we were ready for a private boat for the family.
We got this little electric number from a kid about Will's age. It looked like the perfect summer job to sit out there with the boats, take the money and park them as people brought them back. This boat had power. Once upon a time Rob and MA rented an electric boat in Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park that had a light switch for an ignition. It seemed to be powered by one goldfish swimming behind it, and the Christensons rowed circles around us in their rowboat. This time we got across the lake and back and still had time to explore our favorite places.
This is Rob's house if he were to come to Hallstadt. We don't know its history, but we love the look of it, and it is directly across the lake from the town. The kids each chose a room in it: Will would have the tower, Sebi the balcony, Maddie one of the outbuildings, and I'd get the chapel when I came to visit from my house. Mine is around the corner, is much more modern, and has its own private island with a little bridge to it, about the size of a two-car garage.
This is one of the best pictures I think we've had of Joss. He's had another sea change and is now starting to try to use his words more often. When he doesn't know the word, he babbles like he does. He was pretty mellow on this boat ride. I think he was ready for a nap instead.
Then we saw a rowboat full of Americans and said "I'll bet those are some of our students."
And they were.
Sebi is embarrassed here because when he read this sign with his budding reading skills, he thought it said "booty". I'm excited that he's still reading at all, let alone sounding out words in German! Countdown to Kindergarten!Posted by Picasa

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