Thursday, August 20, 2009

Final Dinner: Steindlwirt

I know I don't talk about them much, but we did really have students. Here is the group who came with us to the Alps section of the program. These people were great sports about hiking down mountains, climbing icy cave stairs in the dark, climbing to the alm, descending into the salt mines, riding multiple trams and funiculars, and even Dragan's bus. We would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of Dorfgastein for stopping your traffic while posing for and taking this picture. It's our fault that that biker was late to dinner.
The students were also extremely good to our children. Here Leah is teaching Maddie a hand play. Kari french braided her hair another time, and she actually got to have a sleepover with three of these girls in Hallstadt when the "family room" only came with four beds ("What? You can't make it work?! We don't have any other family rooms!"). I think every one of the men on the trip spent time with our boys too, wrestling with them, joking with them, listening to heaven-only-knows-what story from them, and comparing scars (Will and Kylen have lived parallel lives so far, with stitches in eyebrows and chipped teeth and on and on). Student attention was second to none.
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