Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dinner for Two

As soon as our hike was over, we left the kids with another pair of students and went out for dinner on the lake. I'd foolishly left my jacket in the hotel (I was hot on the hike!), so we ate inside instead of out, but we had a marvelous dinner of Eierschwammerl and Semmelknodel (Rob) and Zwiebelrostbraten (MA). We asked one of the servers about 'Rob's' castle across the way, and he didn't know much about the history either, but he told us that the whole compound has been bought by a wurst baron. The owner of Red Bull had tried to buy it, mostly because he wanted to land his water plane in the lake (yikes!) but thankfully the sausage baron had won out. A lot of the land and lakes around are protected nature preserves, so hopefully no one will be landing noisy planes in the Hallstattersee anytime soon.
After dinner we went next door because we'd seen a sign advertising Mohr im Hemd and needed to get one more in. The Gulaschmuseum still gets my vote for best version, but it was nice to have it.
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