Monday, July 27, 2009


On Saturday we decided to see the real market where real residents shop. The real market with the fake palms. So we rode the brown line out to Josefstadterstrasse and moseyed over to the true Turkish market in town. Prices were awfully good. They made the Naschmarkt look expensive, and so we bought several pair of shoes for 5 euros apiece. Then we went in search of Kent's: a good Turkish restaurant, looking for a doner kebap.
We stay away from doner kebaps in Vienna on principle. The one true doner is in Berlin (whether you're a Yorkstrasse or a Sophie Charlotte Platz type, they have to be from Berlin, and don't be telling us that you love Shark Doners, because that is no doner, my friend! No way that mystery meat is halal!). But we will make an exception for Kent's, which until recently still had toilets in the true Turkish style (why do I keep talking about toilets? it must be Vienna). And here is everyone holding up their uludag -- Turkish soda that tastes like bubble gum and baby aspirin. Rob wants to pack a bunch of it home. I can just imagine what that could look like to the customs officers ("You say those are Turkish?").
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Lois said...

What are Turkish toilets like?

professor rob said...

There are two footprints with sandpaper-y texture where you put your feet, a grab bar and a porcelain-lined hole in the ground. Fun for all ages.