Thursday, July 30, 2009

Work, work, work!

On Wednesday I met Rob downtown for a date. He had been working at the City of Vienna library in the music collection, and he brought me up to see it. It is in a great Ringstrasse apartment just a block away from the city hall, probably built sometime in the teens. Rob was looking for more unheard of female composers and their works. So he was up there in that alcove in the picture above. Tough life.
I was blown away by the apartment, not just because of its size and decor, but also because it's in such fantastic condition. Rob and I have spent some time in altbau apartments built around this time, and this one was practically perfect. I expect this was the dining room.
A ceiling panel from a different room.
The dining room again. I loved the frieze around the ceiling.
Here's looking from the music room into the lesesaal or reading room.

This was an exhibit room. There was a Haydn mass here in E dur, among other things.

And finally, the groovy chandelier in the exhibit room. I think Rob should find some more work to do here!
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Lois said...

So do you ever go anywhere that POOR people lived in? Let's see some awesome photos of mouse holes in the walls and lean-tos!