Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Viennese FHE

We started FHE with the treats this week, riding all the way to the end of the red line to Tichy's for ice cream (the red line metro is the party line -- they have all the fun stuff on the red line like the Prater and the Donauinsel and IKEA and the Gansehaufel). Tichy's makes some of the special eis creations, but even their regular cones have three flavors in them, placed sideways as Curtis found out the hard way.
It was warm out, and it seemed like the entire plaza across the street was eating ice cream from Tichy's. One guy was feeding his dog from his cone. The Viennese do love their dogs. We saw a chinese pug sitting in a stroller at Schonbrunn, too.
Then I rode with the Isaaks to the Rathaus for the film festival their. Each night in July and August when it gets dark they rebroadcast famous concerts on this screen in front of city hall -- everything from the Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's Concert to the Cure. There are international food booths set up in the plaza and people meet and eat and watch the free concerts there. It is a pleasant way to spend a summer night.
It is another indicator of Vienna's savvy tourism board too. Summer is when lots of their regular attractions go on summer break like the Spanish Riding School, 30 Rock, Vienna Choirboys, Opera, und so weiter, so they plan other things like the ImPulzTanz international dance festival and the film festival so that there are still things for us tourists to do.
The concert for the night was actually three modern dance pieces: "wings of wax", "dark night of the soul", and "Amelia". Here is a video clip of the second piece, which is an electro boogie retelling of the New Testament. I had to catch some of it, because who would believe me if I said I saw a moonwalking Jesus?

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