Sunday, July 05, 2009

Random Thoughts, Flitting Through the Transom of Our Mind

This is what Rob really wants, more than any other car he's seen. He says it would be economical, ecological (it has to get great gas mileage, though ideally he'd turn it into a greasel and run it on recycled french fry oil) and have lots of professorial cachet. I pointed out to him that it really isn't a truck: it's a tricycle. Maybe we wouldn't even have to pay insurance on it if Rob wears a helmet and shin guards? Between the Rons and Danny, I think we could probably find one of these for sale. It's by Piaggio and says it is an "apecar2". Indeed.

We know children are bound to appall their parents, and we've also seen how names go in and out of fashion over the years. Together, this means that grandchildren's names often scandalize and dismay their grandparents. So to prepare ourselves for the inevitable, we have decided that our future grandchildren's names will be: Alopecia, Gingivitis, and BonbonLakritze (licorice candy).
An observation: in a generation which has come of age with spell check, homonyms pose the greatest problem.

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