Monday, July 06, 2009

Prater Spielplatz

The end of our July Fourth was spent at a playground at the Prater. These two just played and played as if the sand movers had been built just for them.
And I just surrendered to the inevitable and took off Joss's clothes at the beginning so he could enjoy the water and the sand. He did.
From here on out are just pictures and videos of the cool things they had in the playground that we would never have in the US. Here's Maddie trying out a tightrope walking apparatus.

Now Will. Tightrope walking is big here right now. I don't remember it before, but several times on this trip we've see people with a big packing strap tightened around two trees and working on walking across it. Either it will be banned, it will be the new craze, or both.
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I snuck this video of Herr Mag. Mag. Dr. Prof. McFarland on the same thing.
And finally a cool twisty swing that some handy guy like my brother and his friends could recreate; a strange bouncing strip that entertained the kids; and a quadruple tire swing. We let the kids play until all the adults were nearly snoring, then went home and finished up the day with the Muppets Stars and Stripes sent to us by Frau Magister and Grandpa Shumway.

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