Sunday, July 05, 2009

Prater Hauptallee

This post brought to you by two McFarlands: one of whom fancies themself something of a photographer and changes certain settings on the camera, and the other, who is too distracted to check the settings before taking their own pictures.
Really a shame, because we had a great time renting the buggies and pedaling down the promenade in the Prater. We had about six of these all rolling out in succession, and every one of them came by my buggy because I was in the last one! In the photo above, the husbands were doing all the pedaling, and the wives just kept their feet out of the way.
That is Maddie and Chloe, and that is the view we had of them the whole time. When we could see them. They were in a two person wonder, and had decided that they'd be an Olympic-class buggy-driving team. They had their team uniform designed to boot, complete with capes. Buggy-driving would certainly be no less weird than some of the Olympic events we already compete in.
Here are the boys all trying out a four person. Fluffy got to sit in the front as a hood ornament. He didn't mind on the way down, but he was tired of it (and had probably figured out that his steering wheel was just a decoration) on the way back and kept trying to stand up. That's a problem. On the trip, Liam and Will rode with Rob and our student Jeff. Sebi and Tomas were hood ornaments for Curtis, Katie and me. They were heavy hood ornaments. We came in dead last on both stretches to and from the Lusthaus with only three of the oldest members of the group pedaling those guys, who kept yelling "Faster! Faster!" and ringing our little bike bell.

Chloe and Maddie, in focus now that they're not pedaling.
In any event, I was glad that a. we didn't have any accidents, because Megan said that whenever her family rents these thingies someone gets hurt; and b. that I finally made it down to the Lusthaus -- in my trips to Vienna, I've never had enough pedalers to actually reach it before!
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Pmom said...

That looks really, really fun. How much does it cost?

mary ann said...

It turned out to be next to nothing! It was three euros/person for an hour. Well worth the price and an ice cream at the destination.

ML said...

I like the artsy shots, they add to the fun feel of your adventures on buggies.

MOM said...

I'm so glad the Isaacs got there. Maddie looks so happy to have a GIRLfriend! And of course, Sebi has his other half, now.