Monday, July 13, 2009

For the Grandparents: Joss at 14 months

[click to enlarge] I realize that Joss has been pushed out of the limelight now that we've converted the blog into our family travel journal, so here is an update on the occasion of his fourteen-month birthday, and a reassurance that he is ok after that hectic trip last week.
His biggest news is that he does finally have a few words. The first one is definitely "kuchen" for cake. He says it without vowels so it sounds like "kkkchhhhhhh" but there is no mistaking his meaning. Next he says "all done" which is very useful in the highchair so you can let him out before the food fights begin. And lastly he does say "mama" and "papa" and look at us. We still wish that he were more interested in enlarging his vocabulary, but he is staying pat with four for now. If he had his way, he would take two naps a day in his crib and sleep for over an hour with is IKEA blanket which is a substitute for the one grandma made. In practice, he usually gets one and is lucky if he can catch a few zzzz's in his stroller for the other. He's cutting all four molars right now which is causing us all sporadic grief. In the official toys category, he still loves his plastic blocks from Aunt Betsy. In the unofficial toys, he loves playing with remote controls, cell phones, iPods, stove and oven controls and the buttons on the washing machine. We found out that he also likes to push a stroller yesterday at church. Rob took him to nursery and the kids overwhelmed him, but he liked the toys. He also has some favorites in the ward: the greeter/doorman; the gruff green-party lady; the white-haired lady with a Mary Wallman pageboy; they all dote on him. He is getting pickier about food: he tires of baby food mid-way through the jar. He consistently likes bananas, gouda cheese, multi-grain cheerios, and nectarines, and of course kuchen of the Austrian and cheap variety: rouladen, straciatella, gugelhupf, und so weiter. He the most difficult traveler in the family, and the person everyone is happiest to see!
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MOM said...

Another absolutely adorable McFarland kid! Thanks for the update. Give him a vicarious squeeze and a big sloppy kiss on the cheek for Grandma.