Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ferienspiel: Raft Building

Last weekend our friend Manuela showed us what we had been missing: a whole summer's worth of activities going on around Vienna (they began in July when the kids get out of school, but we'd still missed a couple of weeks). So for Maddie's birthday, we got online and found that there was raft building on the Alte Donau. We hauled over there as fast as we could.

This is a small marina belonging to the junge OVP political party, which according to Rob is like the young republicans. There were all these nice young things helping kids to lash together rafts.
[click to enlarge] So the kids made a raft, and rode around on it, and swam and rowed on a kayak? surfboard? windsurfboard? Even Rob and Joss got in on the action (one boy told me how great my husband is -- always good to be reminded, even by a long-haired kid in boxer briefs). The temperature of the water was perfect. It was a good time to be on the Alte Donau.

And these boats crack me up, so I had to take a picture. I especially like the window boxes and the astroturf. I think they look like floating front porches.

I thought that the whole junge OVP thing was just in name, but as we were leaving, two guys showed up dressed like Alex P. Keaton, put their lunches in the fridge and went into the cabana to change. Do the Young Republicans have their own marinas in the US? What do Young Democrats have?

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Lois said...

I thought all the marinas belonged to Republicans (young and old).