Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Children's Tour: City Museum of Vienna

How do you get six kids to learn about Viennese history on their summer vacation?
Tuesday we went to the Museum der Stadt Wien with the Husz family for another event with the Summer Vacation Adventure program. Our guide taught us about Vienna from the Roman ages to Biedermeyer (turn of the century). She showed us historical models and paintings of the city and explained how people lived in each period, which wars took place, how they dressed, und so weiter. In each section, she got a few children to dress up in period costumes. I shamelessly bribed the boys with two euros apiece if they would participate, knowing they'd nevery participate if they had to wear white wigs again. It was a bargain at the price. The guide was so good and we learned a lot. Maddie learned how walls keep people out and which wars were fought by whom. Sebi liked learning about the knights and their shining armor. Will liked learning about the Romans, back when Vienna was called Vindobona.
Rob and I got into another of the museums on our list for free.
After the tour, all the kids went down to the courtyard where they had a group picture. There were three romans, two midieval citizens, three turks, a moor, one knight, two bewigged baroque men, three biedermeyer women, and a girl in a ball headdress. It was such a cute activity.
Who knew that Sebi would look so at home in a fez? We should hire him out to Julius Meinl as their new politically correct 21st century poster boy.
Joss was there too. When he couldn't take any more museuming, he went down to the courtyard and found this lovely chapeau.
Maddie said that she was quite comfortable in the roman tunic and shawl. She's rethinking what she wants to be for Halloween . . .
But Will looked the most at home of anyone in his turban.
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