Thursday, July 09, 2009

Beans and Weenies for Dinner, Young Man!

[click to enlarge] If the boys were all sent out together with strict charges not to spend any money, they wouldn't spend a penny. Even if it happened to start raining a rain of Old Testament proportions they would slip into a local library and vow to wait it out reading comic books. And even if Joss began to wail and scream at the thunder and lightning, they would stand firm. But if they did give in, wouldn't it be best if they checked out a few comic books and went to the Cafe Sperl with its faded red velvet seats and its creamy white dishes and little silver trays and had some hot cocoa and cake? Wouldn't it be better to wait out the storm in style, reading Asterisk and Obelisk at your own table while trying Sachertorte and Topfenkuchen? Then when it was over you could visit the Papageno-Tor of the Theater an der Wien. Yes, I think that would be best, and hang the budget for a sunnier day!
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Frau Magister said...

If Cafe Sperl is an option, it's always the right option.