Friday, July 17, 2009

Alte Donau

[click to enlarge] This week the weather has gotten really hot. It isn't so much the temperature as the humidity that goes with it. And the fact that there are almost no air conditioned places to escape it. So on Wednesday afternoon we told the kids we wanted to rent a boat on the Alte Donau (a branch of the Danube that is pretty much a lake -- over by the UN headquarters and also where the Ganseheufel is). They balked. Loudly. But in the end Rob and I are bigger and we made them go. We rented the boat and we made them get in.
And they loved it.
Against Will's wishes we got one with a slide on it, so that they could slip right off the front into the water. Everyone got wet and cooled off, and in the end even Joss wanted to get in and splash around. They had a change of heart and decided that they wanted to come back and do this again. It is nice to occasionally know what your kids want even when they don't.
That night Rob, Maddie and I saw the latest Harry Potter with the Isaaks. It was in an air-conditioned theater! Yay! Rob liked it better than the book! Yay Rob! It was in English! Yay me!
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Lois said...

I have yet to NOT sleep through a "Harry Potter" movie (and the books, now that I think about it).