Monday, June 15, 2009

Walking Home From Church

Sunday was a great success for Maddie at church. There were visitors from Arizona, and the primary leaders stood up and asked if anyone spoke English. Maddie got her first taste of simultaneous translation. She said it was hard. The leaders were terribly impressed, and the visitors were grateful. Their father had served here 28 years ago and was now bringing his whole family back to visit Vienna. After church, we walked back along the Prater Hauptallee since the boys had brought their scooters. This was the place a hundred years ago where people came to promenade. There were people walking and fiakers driving and it was all about seeing and being seen. Today there are people riding bikes, buggies, rollerblading and using scooters and strollers up and down the huge tree-lined avenue. It is very pleasant, but the kids deemed the project a waste of time. They were tired and hungry and wanted to eat. I think if we do it again, we have to bring a picnic before they'll ride home.
Will was so vociferous that Rob decided to dunk his head under a pump.
He was not amused, though it did cool him off!Posted by Picasa

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MOM said...

It's fun to see Maddie in both of her dresses. They look great!

So, how hot is it?