Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rathaus Fuhrung

This is backdated. We finally were able to charge up our beloved camera and got these pictures off of it from the tour Rob, Maddie, Kelli and the students took of Vienna's city hall. Am I the only one who notices that the German language is full of things that just don't sound good in English? City hall is a good example. A beautiful neo-gothic building, but in German it's a Rathaus. There is a reputedly good restaurant in the basement, but who would go because it's called the Rathauskeller? A boy is called a Bub in German (yes, pronounced 'boob'), and the term "herewith" which gets bandied about quite often, is damit, auf Deutsch, which I've been trying really hard to wipe out of my vocab in English.
Back to the topic at hand, the students got to tour some of the public rooms and sit in the Burgermeister's chair (ok, Burgermeister goes the other way, because being the Master of Burgers sounds far better than Mayor). That light fixture dwarfs the Phantom of the Opera chandelier -- ten people can sit in it and remain unseen from below. Unfortunately the big party room was being prepared for a party, so they couldn't see it . . . . But they snuck in and took a picture of it anyway. They also got to stand out on the balcony and wave to their adoring masses.
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