Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Ramblas

On Wednesday morning, I made the family walk through the Ramblas one more time. It was a little quieter, being a holiday and a weekday morning, but there were still plenty of people. I was so sad that the Boqueria was closed, because Rob would have loved it. I remembered taking my parents there and watching a lobster try to climb off the ice at my father. Instead Rob looked at the interesting seed packets at the flower stalls. We were up much too far, but we were very fortunate and there was one stall selling small animals (most of them are closer to the beach) that the kids had a good time looking at. In addition to the usual birds, gerbils and hamsters, these people sold guinea pigs, bunnies, turtles as big as your thumb, and even chipmunks! I was glad we came again because I just hadn't had quite enough Ramblas.
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