Monday, June 15, 2009

My Conference Payoff: Date Night

The kids and I got home from our seven hour schlepp through Schonbrunn at 5:45 and found that Rob was already home. Already cleaning house. He'd arranged a babysitter for 6:30. So we fed the kids and changed. His conference homies were going out to a beer garden, but we decided to go out on our own. First we went across the street to this beisl above and had dinner. This place is the neighborhood no-name restaurant. It is fast. It is good. It is cheap. We can see our balcony from the tables out front -- we're going to be using it as training for Maddie as babysitter so that we can have some peace and quiet and still make certain that the little people are ok. I had the Altwiener Backhandlsalat, which is my new favorite; I've got to come up with my own take on this at home. Basically it's a green salad with some potato salad and coleslaw and fried chicken pieces. Really good stuff.
Then we caught the D streetcar down here to one of our favorite cafes, the Landtmann. This place has been open since 1873 and it is swank. So we sat here and enjoyed our dessert and our good fortune and talked about the politics I've been missing out on (they have newspapers you can sit and read for hours if you don't have little people at home). It felt very civilized to get out and be real people for a few hours.
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J said...

The guy on the right looks like he's straight out of 'My dinner with Andre'.

Or perhaps 'The Princess Bride'.