Saturday, June 27, 2009

Miramar on Montjuic

Rob expressed a wish to ride in the cable cars from the beach to Montjuic. I was surprised, because frankly, that has never registered on my radar before, and this was coming from Mr. Why-should-we-go-to-Disneyland-I-want-to-go-to-the-Getty-instead. But whatever. We decided to try to leave from Montjuic because it would be less crowded there; then we had to find a way up that would work for the stroller. We ended up walking all the way up in the heat. The poor kids were so tired already. Sebi in particular would give me periodic updates on how much walking power he had left. He'd start the day with arms wide open, but by the time we were hoofing it up Montjuic, he was perilously close to the end of his power. We made it to the station only to find that they had just closed down because of strong winds.
We were sad.
(Sebi is better than just about anyone at that Charlie Brown-style dejection; so much so that we often start singing the theme music when he does this)

We decided to drown our woes at the restaurant up on top. Five granizados, three jamon y queso bocadillos and a plate of tapas para picar, and we were feeling much, much better. The kids liked our tapas, and we made each of them try a fried calamari ring without telling them what it was. Maddie and Sebi were definite converts. The jury is still out for Will, but he loves the bragging rights it will give him. Croquettes, tortilla, jamon, manchego cheese, salami and pa amb tomaquet rounded it out. Perfect for picando (and what a great word picar is!).

And for some of us, all it takes is freedom and water and we're back on top of the world!

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