Friday, June 26, 2009

Born With Two Boys

(click collage to enlarge) Rob and I took Will and Sebastian to explore the neighborhood just under ours, called Born. This is where the Picasso and other museums are, and a bunch of boutiques and hip restaurants have sprung up around them.
We visited the church of Maria del Mar and lit candles there (a longtime tradition for the kids), bought drinks, wandered the streets and took pictures. The t-shirt above shows a three-headed catalan dragon because this year the soccer team, FC Barca won three championships: the Real, the league and the World Cup. It was made all the sweeter for the fans here because Madrid won nothing.
Rob wanted me to buy him some chocolate from a fancy schmancy shop, and when I went inside, the shopkeeper and I looked out the window to see one of our boys beating up on the other, who was wailing in his turn as they are wont to do. The shopkeeper gave Sebi a shi-shi lollipop, and his assistant gave another to Will, which was so kind of them. So having explored and sugared up the boys, we let them go home.Posted by Picasa

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