Friday, June 26, 2009


Our children only agreed to visit the Sagrada Familia on condition that we took them to the beach afterward. Accordingly, they had worn bathing suits under their clothes, and we schlepped out to the beach next to the Vila Olympica and Frank Gehry's giant fish sculpture. This was not a beach until the olympics in 1992, when they razed the area and imported tons and tons of sand. Even now, in certain storms, much of it washes away and has to be replaced, but it is still seen as a success and it is certainly used and appreciated by locals and tourists alike. The kids had a ball. They are all three such fish that I didn't worry too much about them swimming even in the sea. Joss took as much as he could, and when the wind kicked up around six, he fell asleep for an hour or so. We rode the U-bahn home, had dinner and washed the sand off in the tub, and went to bed.
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