Saturday, June 13, 2009

Armor Museum

On Thursday morning we went and visited the armory and musical instrument museums in the Hofburg. As you can tell from the pictures, a. we forgot the camera again and b. we were there for the armor. Rob and I made the kids walk through the instrument portions which had some great stuff like a walking stick/violin and a nail violin and tiny and huge cornets and trumpets and a room for Schubert. But then were were on to the armor, and the kids were really excited. Will and Maddie got to visit last year, and they remembered everything about it. They had chosen their favorite suits of armor. Maddie had even found a sword with a flower handle to go with hers (above right). Sebastian chose the helmet above on the left. Fluffy got tired and exhausted the acoustics in the amazing halls of the Hofburg (we were in a wing of the emperor's city palace, also where Rob does some of his research in the Nationalbibliothek). It appears to be an edifice made up almost entirely of grand staircases. We probably stayed at the museum for almost two hours, then got lunch on Kohlmarkt where I had to make the kids turn around and see the incredible view of the Michaelertor and tell them "That is why your summer is so incredible. Look at that!" I think that is not their version. They think their summer is so incredible because they get to go shopping by themselves at the Billa grocery store and watch "SpongeBob Schwammkopf".Posted by Picasa

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ashley said...

I can't believe how many amazing things there are to do in the fact that you seem to be doing them all.