Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Schmetterling Haus

We are really enjoying Vienna's small size as compared to Berlin. We had half an hour before Rob had to teach, and we walked from the restaurant where we had lunch over to the Burggarten so that he could take the kids to the butterfly house. This is housed in half of what used to be the imperial orangery, and now it's kept toasty and tropical to keep the butterflies happy. Maddie was especially excited to get three of them to land on her leg -- our camera captured one flying away from her. The building is a little art nouveau jewel, all swooping green iron ornaments and curving glass.
They stayed among the fluttering insects until Rob had to haul bootie back to the Institute to teach a lesson on Gothic architecture and lead a tour of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Maddie tagged along on the tour, and discussed flying buttresses and ribbed vaulting with the students. Last year, on a tour of St. Stephen's dark and spooky crypt, Maddie and Will clutched onto Rob and whimpered as they passed pits of bones and piles of skulls. Rob offered to take Maddie's hand this time, but she just rolled her eyes and said "DAAAAaaad!" He reminded her of her terrified clutch last year and she responded: "Yeah, but I was only nine then." Right--She's a whole 11 months older now. And surrounded by cool college chicks who love her. Time to cut those old apron strings--right next to a vault full of the dessicated remains of 13th-century plague victims. How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm?
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Lois said...

I'm loving the posts! I'm looking forward to another summer of love-hate travels (town between wanting to be there with you and glad that I'm not). You're so clever, especially the last sentence.

danandshel said...

Hey we love your blog! D & I just started one, and we're looking for some blog buddies!! :)