Sunday, May 24, 2009

Picnic in the Dorf

These are pictures from lunch (click to enlarge). We had scraped together a picnic before we left, but we had no bread. So while we were waiting at the train station, I bribed Maddie and Will to go buy rolls (called semmel here, or schrippe in Berlin, and they don't understand you if you call them the wrong thing). I gave them money and told them they could split the change if they'd speak in German; they're very motivated for euros because Rob has let them each have a cell phone on this trip. So far, I am underwhelmed by the decision -- phones have caused hard feelings and tears and they spend plenty of time playing games on them. On the other hand, I was able to call Maddie during one of Rob's tours, and that was convenient.
In any event, we had a nice lunch, the students played with the kids, and Rob taught us all strange German idiomatic phrases such as "it's sausage to me" ('I don't care') and "you're stepping on my cookies" ('you're getting on my nerves'). Fluffy went to sleep again on the hike down the hill, and the rest of the family saw this creepy stag beetle on the way down (glad I didn't see it!). Poor Sebastian was lagging way behind by the end of the walk to the station.
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