Sunday, May 24, 2009

Haydn on the High Seas

Friday afternoon, Rob and I took Maddie and Will to a children's concert of Haydn in the basement of the Konzerthaus. There were three female musicians: pianist, violinist, cellist, and two male actors playing Haydn and his helper. The music was great and there was lots of kid humor and interaction. Our children said that the kids were much louder and worse-behaved than American kids (they would shriek "YES!" or "NO!" or "GOOD!" when asked). There is definitely something in the way that children grow up here as opposed to home, where they are raised by the dozen. But I loved that when the actor said "But who can break the spell of the magic piano?" some little girl yelled "Josef Haydn can!" They enjoyed it and we wished that we'd brought Sebastian too.

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