Sunday, October 06, 2019

For Zina: What you're really thinking

when you read those Christmas cards (even ours).

1. I wonder how many people were photoshopped into this picture?

2. Thanks so much for the report of your trip to Guyana/Guam/Graceland. I'm going to put that picture in my What Not To Wear file.

3. Dogs are not kids. Not even if you name them Abby and dress them. That goes double for cats and iguanas.

4. Ooh, that's got to be hard finding a rhyme for "penitentiary".

5. I like the way you put such a positive spin on the economic downturn. Yes, life gets a lot easier without three vacation homes.

6. Why, if you don't want to meet our children, don't call when you're in town, and last saw us in a parking lot do you keep sending us these?!

7. You are going to love looking back on this picture someday. It screams 2008.

8. If you have to put it into 4 point font, you might just try another page. Or an editor.

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