Tuesday, July 08, 2014

July 4th

On the fourth, we were out in force watching the parade at our usual spot. And all the usual suspects were there.

Here is our Model A all ready to fall in with the 1930's cars. They were all done by decade this time, finishing up with an impressive array of electric and hybrid vehicles. Rob and I found it pretty educational to see them drive by up close. Maddie and Will were the accompanying candy-hander-outers because new ordinances prohibit the throwing of anything from the floats or cars. But this provoked such a hue and a cry from the citizens of Piedmont, that they had to come up with a compromise. This worked for us because we weren't going to fit all 8 grandkids and two adults into seats for four.
Here are the anxious riders. They did a great job smiling and waving to everyone. Hazel opted out, and I think she was ok with that. She was stationed right at the beginning of the route and made off like a bandit with swag and candy that was being passed out.
The very minute the parade was over, we parked the Model A, locked up the house, and drove down to Monterey in four different cars. Rob got to go with these two for the Gizditch pie run. This one also included an extra pre-lunch in case they didn't make it to Gizditch. 
In the meantime, Jeff and Saydi had to stop and shop, Grandma and Clar and the girls went directly down, and Kiecoo and I had five kids in our car. We were notable for The Longest Gas Stop Ever, watching movies, and for sneaking past all the traffic with Kiecoo's nifty byways. I was certain I'd end up on some rutted road facing down a cow, but she always managed to sneak me back onto the highway just past the holdup. In fact, we beat all the other cars despite 25 minutes at that gas station.
This is what it looks like when you finally let the kids out of the car. These were some of Joss's first waves, since the last time we were here he was just a few weeks old.

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