Monday, February 17, 2014

Moroccan V-Day

Once again we spent Valentine's Day with Mark and Ann and their friends. The food and the company cannot be beat! This year Ann outdid herself with a Moroccan feast. There was a lemon chicken tagine and lamb meatballs and yogurt dip to die for and a beet salad made by Rob, and some excellent Moroccan version of naan bread. We ate ourselves silly, and that was before the games!
 In this one, the men had to find their wive's hand, find her wedding ring(s), and put the correct ring on the correct wife.
 They were good sports, though I don't think anyone got it right the first time.
Then the wives had to find their husband's foot. Piece of cake! No one has a foot that looks like Rob's. We played a version of the newlywed game using lemons and eggplants. B & C raised the bar on the gift exchange. Or maybe they lowered it . . . Mmmm. The dessert was Ann's homemade rugelach and it was scrumptious!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

'Twas the Night Before Valentine's . . .

 And all through McFarLand, chaos was reigning. I looked back at the calendar and we had more than a dozen things planned for one short day -- and the one short night where you have to sign dozens of valentines for your classmates, too! First there was the Blue and Gold dinner with the traditional cake decorating contest. The theme was something about animals this year, and Rob and Seb made a hedgehog. I was also quite fond of the donut hole bear scat "cake" and the excellent use of chocolate hearts as noses and even working in Fisher Price Little People animals. Another banner year. But back at the ranch . . .
 . . . I had gotten on Pinterest to look at valentines. (I know, I know. It should be obvious by now that I shouldn't try it, but these were so darling, and I am down to only two kids who actually exchange valentines. I went overboard. I can admit it.) Sebastian got these Twinkie minions. Pretty fun once I found the double stick tape.
And Joss got these Build Your Own Snowman kits. Also fun to assemble once I found the candy eyes at Michael's. But we couldn't have pulled it off without Maddie, who came up with a purple minion mailbox for Sebi (the box is where I stop -- I think a paper grocery sack works great).
As soon as we got the kids dinner consumed, Rob and I ran off and attended the symphony where we heard a spectacular Shostakovich. Too, too much for one day, but we couldn't skip all the fun!