Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sundance and Freefloaters

 The 2014 Sundance Film Festival was overshadowed by the first meeting of the BTWH Freefloaters. Rob found them a cabin at Sundance and got them a couple of tickets. He has been going to the BTWH conferences since before Madeline was born, and he's known some of these people for that long. They gamely taught master classes and gave lectures, ate at the Black Sheep Cafe, watched independent films, got shuttled around campus and Utah and Salt Lake valleys, and somewhere in there they managed to choose a text and work out their panel and participation in the larger conference to be held in Vienna in June.
And the film festival did not suffer. Rob saw some, they all saw some, and even I saw a couple of films. The first was a fascinating documentary about the friendship between a spy from Hamas and his Israeli intelligence handler, The Green Prince. The second was a musical called God Help The Girl with great tunes, but a tepid plot. It was certainly more than enough for this year with everything else we had going on in January!