Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 This year we had Opa and the I family over for Thanksgiving dinner.
 I wasn't certain who was coming when I bought the turkey, and I ended up buying a fresh one at nearly 30 pounds. I just thought we'd try it and decide it was the same, but I'm afraid it was markedly better than a frozen turkey, especially after Maddie brined it. It was so good that we're making her into our brining specialist.
 We're developing a standard Thanksgiving menu and we've got favorite recipes now for the turkey, the potatoes, the cranberry sauce, the yams, and brussels sprouts. Yes, brussels sprouts, and they're always gone by the end of dinner. Maddie and Rob continue to get adventurous with their pies -- this year they tried a lattice top for the first time. Next year I want them to try the apple-jalapeno with cheddar crust and the cranberry pecan that John and Clarissa swear by.
 With a 30 pound turkey, we had lots of leftovers. Good thing, too!
This guy celebrated Thanksgiving all November long, with poems, a pilgrim day, indian day, and lots of festive craft projects. He is truly having an ideal kindergarten experience.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Superheroes and Enforcers: Halloween 2013

 This year Joss knew what he was going to be long before Halloween. He changed his mind several times in the interim, but since we'd committed to the costume, he was Iron Man. A very noisy Iron Man. His helmet talked, his arm made noise, and he had an arc reactor on his chest that lit up and made noise too.
 Maddie got a Wonder Woman shirt with cape, and borrowed Molly's boots, wig, crown and wristlets. She was stoked.
 Sebi wanted to be a Berzerker which is like a viking on steroids. Actual berzerkers were known for fighting in very little clothing, even in brisk northern climes, but trick or treating doesn't work up much of a sweat. I dismembered a stuffed disney dog to make a bunch of the fur trim on his boots and arms and things, but the bulk of it was designed and created by Arinn. She is one of the last true parents when it comes to Halloween.
 I love that face peeking out of his mask -- and his bare feet!
 Here he is shooting "doodoodoot!"
It was a beautiful evening.
 I had been working in Salt Lake, so Rob was on duty at the school costume parade, and he had to get them all costumed up and fed on his own. The Isoms came over to go out with us.
 Will decided to be a Department 19 operative.
 This comes from a series by Will Hill and the operatives hunt vampires. He managed this costume entirely without me, which makes it my favorite of the year.
 Here are Maddie and Liam, Wonder Woman and one of the Aquabats, showing off their wonder twin powers.
And Joss, Sebi and Tomas-as-John-Lennon in their post-trick-or-treating euphoria.