Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joss's Beaoo'ful School

 Like all of his siblings before him, Joss is getting to go to the BYU preschool this year. AND he's in Mr. Brad's class, just like Maddie and Sebi. He is pretty excited and hasn't looked back since the year began. This time around, the preschool is decked out with iPads, and once a week or so they send me a picture of something Joss has been doing. Here he is up in the reading treehouse playing with chain links.
 And here he's trying out the knight costume. They have this awesome stage with blue curtains and spotlights over next to the dress ups and he has spent a lot of his center time over there. He decided taht he wanted to be a knight for Halloween as well. He has also spent plenty of time painting and playing with play-doh which I find gratifying. I thought he'd go right over to the computer and never try anything else.
 Here he is grinding cloves and allspice which smelled heavenly. During this section of the school year, his class has been learning about rocks. He's learned about sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks, and metamorphic rocks. This was an activity to explain erosion to the kids. He's been picking up "smoove" rocks to bring into class wherever he goes.
They also have a great playground outside and he's been taking full advantage of that too. The little girl behind him is Mindy and we carpool with her (which is saving me this year!). She has five siblings, a working father and a mother in law school, but her hair is always done and she always has on matching socks and her library book to return. Joss is usually sporting some wicked bedhead and we're lucky to find matching shoes. Lately Mindy has been a zombie as soon as she gets into the car. Her dad said "Oh, so that's why the kids can't play Minecraft any more!"
The other little girl with a scooter is Zinnia. We got to have her family come over and stay with us for three weeks during remodeling at their house. It was a big party and Zinnia was a large part of that. We'd get 7-8 kids bellying up to the counter each morning and feeding the whole posse fruit and toast and cereal was a production. They are back in their house now and we miss all the activity. Joss is incensed that he doesn't have his own flower. He considers it a major oversight on our part.