Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time's Up!

This dude is done. He's done with his stroller, his leash, his high chair, his bed, his car seat. He won't hold hands and he doesn't want to ride on your shoulders.
At the end of his tether. And someday (I can't imagine when) we will have forgotten how bad it actually was. We explained to him that we are packing up and heading home, to his house with his room and his toys and his pets and his yard and his trampoline etc.
But Joss is ready to jump off now. He points frantically at every airplane and tells us we need to catch it to go to Joss' home house. When we tell him we're going in a few days, he explodes at us and screams that we're wrong.
He hasn't been eating anything, then he demands different food at other times. He takes for-blasted-ever to go to sleep and then wakes up too early.
I think we'll call this stage "terrorfried". I thought that understanding would bring more mature behavior, but, no. He's as bad as we've ever seen him and we've explained everything we can think of. He is going to freak out when we get into two separate cars to go to the airport.
It looks like he's saying "I have had it up to here with you people!"

The feeling is mutual, buddy.


Julie said...

I'm sorry. This just made me laugh. Funny for us, but so hard for you. Here's wishing you a safe trip home and a quick recovery for ALL.

Lara said...

Good luck! I have on like that and it does get better.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!