Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Schloss Pillnitz

After risking life and limb to climb the bastei (me) and waking up at 5:30 (Rob) we wanted something tame for our next adventure. We turned the GPS for Schloss Pillnitz, back in the direction of Dresden.
This is actually where Ms. Cosel was banished when Augustus found a newer, shinier mistress.
I had read with relief that everything but the park here was closed on Mondays, so all we could do was wander the grounds. My brain was overloaded with all of Dresden and this was about my speed.
And the Elbe was just about their speed. Once the boys found the river with a bank full of rocks, it was all over. I left them on the Elbe, practicing their skipping (or plunking in Joss' case) and went to see what I could find in twenty minutes of walking the gardens.
I found the pleasure boat Because if you live on a river, you should travel in style. The Orangerie The Palm House The Chinese Pavilion A duck and her babies A random statue with nice hydrangeas And then I looked at the sky and saw that the predicted heavy rains were on their way. We managed to get the doors closed just as the drops began and then there was a downpour like you would not believe. So glad we had a car! And we were on our way to the train station! And that we made it home where we were able to open our door with our key!

We are spending the whole day and perhaps even a week sitting around, doing laundry, watching SpongeBob SchwammKopf and eating crap. We are happy to be back in Joss' Berlin House.

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