Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Celebrity Sighting

For any Downton Abbey watchers, just after we'd made it through security in Heathrow I looked up and saw this woman stride by.
I had just enough time to summon Rob and make certain I wasn't out of my gourd. He agreed -- those were definitely the right eyebrows, the porcelain forehead. Michelle Dockery. She was in a leather jacket and jeans tucked into high boots, her hair down and curly.
No one stopped her or even looked in her direction and then she was out of sight. "I should have snapped a picture!" I said. "We should have asked her if Mary and Matthew ever get together!!" said Rob.
Of course they do, Rob. That's why we keep watching these BBC period pieces. They'll get together in the last 20 minutes and not before. Stay tuned for the last eight episodes this fall!

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