Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sebi's Piano Recital

This is Sebastian's most recent recital piece. Technical difficulties did not allow me to put up the edited version without the grandparents muttering in front. I'm putting it up because I can't say if we'll ever get a video camera to a recital again. This is to prove that Sebastian did play piano and did practice. There.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hickman Bridge & Gifford Farm

It would be an understatement to say that the night was a disaster. The motel was just fine, with beds for six and plenty of pillows; we're just not all meant to sleep in the same room. Joss woke most of us up with coughing at 2:00am and then again at 6:30am singing "Happy Birthday" at the window. I gave him a bath to keep him quiet, but we were out at breakfast by 7:00am.

Not quite catching the vision . . .
Off on the hike
And already trailing far behind!
Sebi and Cannon as Robin and Batman
These two were better little hikers than many of the older kids.
Will spent the hike explaining rocket launchers and pretending to spy on other members of the party
Joss was all about finding hiding places and sand boxes
We saw this one lone big horn sheep and three lizards who were too fast for my camera
Batman and Robin fought against forces of evil
Maddie and Sarah were pretty inseparable according to the pictures. I don't actually know because they were always out at the front of the pack and I was always lagging along behind with Joss and Rob.
And we made it to the top where we ran into another Provo family and ate cookies.
Here is the whole group in front of the Hickman Bridge
Once we clambered down the hill, we went to the Gifford Farmhouse to reward ourselves. Wouldn't you want to try official national forest pies?
and sourdough bread and salsa and preserves . . .
the kids were pretty big fans
I have no idea how he got up there, but he couldn't get down on his own
these two were very friendly with J-man
It was a great trip. The kids were happy, the adults stayed up late and laughed and we all survived to tell the tale. We'll be ready to try it again if we survive this summer!
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Capitol Reef

After Goblin Valley, we piled back into our cars and drove for another hour or so to Capitol Reef. I admit that I've only ever seen the waistband of the park -- there are hikes and all kinds of interesting places above and below, but they will have to wait for another trip. Even this tiny stretch of the park has beautiful red rock cliffs, petroglyphs, hikes, pioneer orchards and buildings.
Will hangs out
Happy to be out of the car again
Maddie and Kate, ready for spring
The minivan brigade at the petroglyphs
The teacher's desk in the schoolhouse. Isn't that kid in the window perfect?
This is why I love Capitol Reef
Peach orchards and red rocks. Incredible.
Carved into the rock by the school
The Fruita schoolhouse
Working off any more energy in the pool
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Goblin Valley State Park

This year's Spring Break was the easiest yet. On Sunday, Will talked Grandpa into flying up to Utah for a few days. He took kids to the grocery store, the jewelry repair and to D.I. to look for old waffle irons and alarm clocks. He introduced them to James Bond and took us all out to burgers. And Grandpa got to visit his relatives and tour the Provo Tabernacle.
Then on Thursday when Rob's classes were over and the weather was better, everybody (and I do mean everybody) rearranged their schedules so that we could take a trip down south. Our friends and neighbors the H's and the B's came with us, heading first to Goblin Valley State Park. By the time we'd arrived at the park we'd had one speeding ticket, two stops for car sickness, one stop to clean up car sickness, flurries of snow, and it wasn't looking like such a great plan.
But we ate a very windy picnic with a fantastic view. The kids were enthusiastic to get going because they'd read that Goblin Valley is where part of Galaxy Quest was filmed. Yes, that part with the baby cannibal aliens and the pig and rock monsters.
I was just excited to have my parka.
These girls are so lucky! Not only can mom pack and picnic with the best of them, she took off the dashboard and rewired the sound system so that they could listen to their movies through the speakers! I can only dream of such skillz.
Breathing deeply for a moment while we could see all 10 kids. Ten kids?! What were we thinking?
Joss and Noah exploring. Joss was kind of freaked out by the crumbly earth and mostly wanted to hold a hand.
Rob the hoodoo guru
Will moonwalking
These three wanted to explore on their own
Leah and Joss in a hidey hole
The only thing that Joss wanted more than terra firma was to be with Papa. He's still the most famous person in Joss's universe.
Leah in a lunar landscape
A favorite hoodoo. Thankfully Goblin Valley was much warmer below and the kids had a wonderful time scrambling over rocks and hiding in nooks. We'll definitely have to come back.
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