Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grandma Camp: High Tea

One of the last events of Grandma Camp was a tea party on Saturday. The girls had been helping Grandma with the menu for days and they planned to wear their new skirts. In the morning, they visited Tilden and shopped for food.
they bought flowers (Maddie held the flowers because there were so many, and the nice florist gave Hazel a display bouquet)
and arranged them
Mom's friend Lynn lent them hats to wear. Maddie's was vintage I.Magnin with a darling veil. Here they are all dressed up in their finery: Maddie, Jessica, Grandma, Hazel, Barbara and Clarissa

It turned out to be Jessica's birthday, so here she blows out her candle on the princess cake which Barbara and Clarissa brought
The table of delicacies.
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