Monday, July 05, 2010


Back at the ranch, Maddie was practicing for her role in Rapunzel. She played Witch Izwich in the Kingdom of Ain't (it should be Isn't but that's a story for another time). Here she is singing with Rapunzel and her minions, which were named Glumpwarts.

And here are friends and neighbors playing the royal family. Maddie did this summer camp two years ago when they put on Cinderella. I was dreading the performance -- after a mere two weeks with grade schoolers, how bad was it going to be?
It was marvelous and Rapunzel was too. It was short, funny, and the kids all did amazing jobs! They had songs and choreography and they managed the entire show without microphones.
Still more friends and neighbors as jesters, sages, and knights.
Maddie and Fabigail reprise their earlier roles as Evil (not ugly!) Stepsisters.
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Nedra said...

I swear she looks like Clarissa's little sister! How did that happen?

professor rob said...

I laughed, I cried--It was better than "Wicked!"