Friday, June 25, 2010

Swim Lessons for Sebi

Our little fish is back in the water and having a wonderful time. He was swimming 5-10 feet before we left for Vienna. His biggest problem was that he hadn't figure out how to breathe! So he's working on that and on learning actual strokes. He wants to get onto the swim team with his big brother and sister.
On the last day of class, the kids get to ride the water slide. Sebastian was the only one in his class who didn't take a life jacket, and didn't ride down with a teacher. Instead, I heard him shrieking the enTIRE way down. When he got out, he shouted "That was AWWWESOME!!"
One of the very best things about summer. And if you happen to be a parent who gets to sit quietly and read poolside? Mmmm. Even better.
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