Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hallstadt Hike

The other way to see Hallstadt is from above. It was much harder convincing the kids that they needed to do this, but there were bribes involved, and we got two students to watch Joss for an hour, because there are only two streets in town without stairs, so the stroller was not coming. And we weren't bringing Joss without the stroller.
We walked up to a view of the waterfall in town and watched it come crashing down. It was especially wild after the rain the day before. When this comes down into town, it makes a huge noise and brings a downdraft of freezing cold air.
We stopped in two teensy gazebos where you could look out over the lake. Hallstadt has an 'advanced school of woodworking' which is in evidence all over.
And we walked a lot of stairs. A whole lot. So many that we stopped at the Schlecker drug store on the main street and bought treats for everyone.
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