Saturday, August 01, 2009


Wednesday afternoon Rob and I decided to take the kids out to the Donauturm. We'd said we would do this several times, but it was always either raining or too hot and hazy to make the attempt. Rob had taken his students as part of his architecture class and said it was a long hike from the U-bahn stations in either direction.
But we found a bus.
Having made the trip a lot shorter and more easily, we got to spend plenty of time running around the tower at the top. This was much better than the Funkturm in Berlin. The vote was divided on the Spargelturm, also in Berlin. Not as cool as the Eiffel Tower, but then, we wouldn't have had any idea what we were looking at in Paris. The big picture in the collage above is the area where our house is. The picture above it is where we went boating on the Alte Donau. And down in the corner is UNO City where the UN offices are located. And if you look at the picture of the tower, that tongue sticking out of it is for bungee jumping. Yes sirree. Not going to try that on this trip or any other. I was amazed at how much water flows through town and how they manage to harness it for recreation. The Alte Donau seems like it's mostly for swimming and boating. The New Donau has plenty of places to jump in, swim around, or swim across. The Donauinsel is also called Spaghetti Island because it is so long and narrow, and it is all for recreation. The the Vienna woods begin as soon as the city ends in every direction. The Leopoldsberg and Kahlenberg are also spots with views and restaurants and hiking. There are biking paths crossing every which way and hiking paths intersecting with those. You begin to get a sense of why people always tout the quality of life in Vienna. Lots of good stuff to do. It was fun to orient ourselves and to look out the glass ceiling of the elevator as we were rocketing up through the middle. Then we rode back down and left the kids with babysitters, which was also a lot of fun.
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Lindsay said...

Mary Ann & Rob,

I just found your blog through Megan and Reed! I am so excited that I can keep tabs on you guys now. You always seem to be up to something exciting! It looks like your summer has been fabulous. I hope the study abroad went well!

-Lindsay Sydenham