Sunday, June 10, 2007

Camping in Heber

I have been falling asleep on the blog! I just found this draft from our camping trip at the end of MAY! So here it is. Kathy McFarland reserved a great campground with two cabins at the Heber Valley Camp owned by the LDS church. When it isn't full girls' camp season, families and groups can use it. Here are our kids with Rick and Kathy's -- McFarlands o' Plenty: Jessie, David, Will, Tyler, Maddie, Hannah, and Sebastian.
Will and one of the Kerry boys paddling on the lake. There were paddle boats and canoes to take out and we had a good time racing, but phew! Paddling works those legs!

On Friday, the family went and did one of the challenge courses. It included a sort of rope spider web that you had to pass everyone through, and this, with two trees and two cables running across them. Maddie and Will climbed up to the top and then rappelled down the same side. Rob actually went across the cable. Crazy!