Sunday, June 25, 2006

Model Children

Will has wanted a lot of stuff recently (an inflatable water slide and a mini Hummer, just to name two) and he is always trying to figure out why I don't buy it for him (last year he told me that it was my job "to buy what your kids WANT!"). After the tax returns came in he told me to "pay more money to the government so we can buy a Mega Racer". This month I told him he needed to work for the money and I gave him several ideas for jobs to earn, but he didn't like any of them. I told him he could be a child model and he wanted to know more. I explained that people like to take pictures of cute, happy kids and they pay money for it. He decided that was the best of the lot, so he took the camera out in the front yard along with Maddie as photographer. They filled up the memory card and then dropped the camera, thereby ending Will's short career as a child model. This is one of the out-of-focus pictures (of kids eating popsicles on the trampoline) that came after the camera dropping. We'll have a short break while we get a functioning camera . . .

Herb Boy seeks Spice Girl

Here is Will, protecting our fledgling garden. Already, most of the plants are higher than his waist, and it's only been a month! We're excited this year because we've planted lettuce that we harvest every day for salad, and we have finally managed to grow some basil! We're hoping to eat some of this good stuff before we leave on August 23rd.

Tooth Fairy Beware!

Will lost his first tooth on April 14th (and not because he was licking the cake batter!). He already has two permanent teeth growing in, but he still has yet to lose the other baby tooth.

We hope this site will be our family website as we travel through Austria and Germany this fall, and do less unusual things here in Utah. In fact, we're starting now so that we can figure out how to blog before we have to do it on a German keyboard. This will keep interested parties up to date on our doings, and keep less interested parties from being inundated with my longwinded emails as they were last summer!
Right now, we are all about being at home. We spend our time at swimming lessons in the morning and working in the garden in the evening. Madeline and Will are becoming very independent in the water; Maddie learned front crawl and backstroke with Mr. Amazing and then worked on breaststroke and butterfly with Layla while Will got nearly private lessons from Tami and Jason the Shark.
Out of the water, the kids have to do chores, read, write and practice music every day. We try to vary the writing with letters to favorite people and unusual media (like shaving cream . . .)